Big Changes

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As of the 2nd October I will be working for Twinneedle in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This is very exciting for me and a big change from being a Soldier.

Twinneedle specializes in custom work and will give me the freedom to do what I have done part time with the staff and equipment to make some of my visions a reality.

I look forward to hearing from any of you.




Changes to next pack

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OK this is the list of changes I am looking to make to the next pack.

Pull cable release lid:  Just like your armour.  One of the biggest problems about getting to your grab bag is undoing the two side release clips, undoing the cinch cord and then pulling it out.  My plan is to use a pull cable that will drop the lid and release both at the same time with the pull of a pillow/cable.  There is also scope to use the lid as a grab bag if you only have a minimum of class As.

Less modularity:  It just adds weight and time and cost.  I managed to get a select group of SMEs to agree on a basic layout and what the felt really needed to be modular.  Expect to see the 3 sustainment pouches remain and a claymore sized pouch mounted above them.  Still unsure on bladder integration.  Maybe I will look at putting something on the sides but the problem is that the weight gets all uneven when one bladder gets thrashed.  I dont drink from bladders when humping a pack for my own reasons i learnt the hard way but I would like to see a dual hose system that allowed both side bladders to emptied at the same rate.

Improved harness:  Making the straps a wee bit wider and changing the contour.  Also the hipbelt has had a redesign.

Cinch straps:  I think they are gay but can see the use.  I’ll probably make something with repair buckles so it can be shifted or removed as needed.

Radio pouch:  Guys still want them!  I’ll look at something made out of mesh that allows for the fit of an 117 to CES and grab bag.

Improved lid:  something similar to a bergen lid but one that will actually fit a claymore up top in the appropriate pouch.

Minimal zips:  They break and are not easily field repairable.  For the cases where the really do have to be used I will make sure there is a buckle/s taking up the strain on the zip.

Improved Alice packs

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OK been a while so I decided to post something.
The NZDF recently decided to conduct some pack trials and all the big names were represented.  Talking with the organisers I kept hearing about this “quantum leap forward” they wanted.  WTF is that?  Its basically a sack you put on your back and carry heavy stuff around that hurts.  I don’t know about the rest of you but that is my experience with a pack and  I’ve spent 11 years in the Light Infantry.
I sat down with some other  NCOs and Officers in my unit from across the Rifle and Weps Platoons and we talked about what we wanted and what we liked and didn’t like about the current Alice we were using.
This was the result.  Its made out of 500d Cordura and uses a DEI 1606AC frame with shoulder straps.belt pad I designed for the frame.
I learnt a lot from building this and the changes I will make to the next model will be discussed in a future post.

Updates coming soon. Had some PC problems

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Custom Alice Packs

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Probably one of the first things I started sewing.  The Alice pack is not the most comfortable but it works and it;s relatively cheap.  The pouches it comes with stock are not enough to haul around 7 days worth of kit so you need to add some more.

These are packs I have customized in the past.

Custom Gear Report

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Mike the owner of DIY Tactical also runs the Custom Gear Report a blog dedicated to custom gear and exciting new products.  Mike is a former Sniper with the 101st and spent time in Iraq as a PMC so he knows what to look for in a piece of gear.

Stop by and check it out.

Quad shingle

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I made this for a US Marine who was having problems using Pmags with other pouches.  If you didn’t know Kiwis carry the Steyr Aug and the mags are a bit different to M-16 mags so any pouches designed for them are perfect for Pmags.

It’s constructed with double layer 1000d solution dyed Cordura and solution dyed webbing.  I prefer to double layer my magazine pouches as there is no give in a magazine and they tend to wear out (for me) quicker than other pouches.  All the seams are folded inside so there is nothing to fray out.  The PALS is triple stitched in the center of each mag slot and at the space between each mag.  This is to make it easier to weave pouches onto the front.  The double layered Cordura also provides a great anchoring point for the PALS.