SNURSE musings…

I decided to put some info on why the Snurse is the way it is.

I have spent a lot of time creeping around the jungle and learnt quickly that anything that can snag will.  Trying to tactically unsnare yourself from jungle creeper, maintain control of your weapon and watch your arcs of responsibility is a super human feat.  The solution is to remove anything that can snag in the hope of minimizing it, you will never avoid it completely.  Well not unless you coat yourself in teflon.

That is the reason the Snurse doesn’t have side release buckles permanently fitted to it, if you have it mounted to the patrol pack of your choice and turn to cover your 3 o’clock there is less possibility of it catching onto a creeper.

I prefer “clean” looking pouches.  On my personal kit I don’t normally have external PALS on my GP pouches etc as I know what the pouch is going to carry and size it for that.   I’m also not a fan of stacking pouches on top of each other till you end up patrolling with your arms up around your ears, it’s unnatural and you look like a fag.

The strapping system is not the quickest to install, you pass the two open ended vertical straps up through the PALs columns on the rear of the Snurse and then using the ITW repair buckles pinch the loop and feed it on just like you would when replacing a broken buckle.  I accept that some users might want a system that is almost instant but I don’t foresee anyone under fire deciding “hey I might choose this time to convert my Snurse from chest rig mode and mount it on my pack”.   The messenger bag option is for when you have to low crawl in, you can mount it off to your side so the pouch isn’t chafing your sensitive nipples or stabbing you in the chest.  You can also mount it low  in case you get found and need to get a magazine out yesterday.

I played with putting “ears” inside the Snurse so it would stay up.  I found it a debacle to try and write info on the sketch pad so that feature got f***ed off at the high port.  At the customers request I can install two HDPE reinforced lengths of 1″ webbing that will do the same job.  They fasten to the bottom with press studs that allow them to be turned to face in and allow the pouch to close properly.  I’ll try to get some pics up of that soon.

One of the thoughts behind the Snurse was to give the user a platform that allowed you to break away if you had your OP remoted forward or where conducting a CTR.  When I use my one I carry three thirty round shingles and 4 x 40mm HEDP and an M-18 smoke screening on it.  In the bad old days I used to patrol around with a set of belt order and a small chest rig that allowed me to carry enough to break back to my team when I had to get real sneaky in places I shouldn’t be and my belt order would have hampered my movement.  This was before MOLLE reared it’s head.

I found it worked well for me and wanted to replicate it as an option with the Snurse.


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